How To Root Tecno M3

How To Root Tecno M3

The new Tecno M3 is the latest addition to the tecno line of entry level smartphones. But to get the full access to what your smartphone has to offer. Here is a step by step guide to root your tecno m3.

Steps To Root Tecno M3

1. Download from google play
install it. When prompted for device
type, press other connect as adb

2. Download ERoot here /s/36psj2lg9xutf8p/ERoot- 1.0.14.exe.7z

3. Use 7zip to extract and install on PC.
run the ERoot Make sure you have internet connectivity to enable eroot install 11mb of additional data.

4.Disregard the chinese language enable usb debugging on your device by going to settings/ development option/usb debugging.

4. Plug your device into the PC through the mini usb cable.
The ERoot will show a root button once it detects Tecno m3 press root.

5. In 10 secs you are rooted.
Check your Tecno m3 homescreen
you will find superuser.

6. Once you have super user, reboot
your tecno m3 manually and enjoy
if you have a restore problem, use
this version for rooting tecno m3 /s/eye51gjefgxi30s /ERoot_v1.3.3.rar

7 thoughts on “How To Root Tecno M3”

    1. please a friend used my phone and mis inserted wrong password,now i was asked to put my google account to reopen it but my data connection is off. please what should i do?

      1. turn off the phone…… reboot holding the power button and the volume down button for at least 5 seconds. it will show an android kind of logo and say ‘no command’. press the volume down button at this point. select restore to factory default settings and then reboot.

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