Increase RAM size in Android with ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER

increase ram size in android
Roehsoft RAM expander

Increase RAM size in Android Smartphones

Low end android smartphones or entry level smartphones usually come with low RAM size, So many users ask this question..”How Do I Increase RAM size in Android devices?” Well, thanks to Android developers, there is an android app that increases the RAM size of your Android device by partitioning your SD card.

How To Increase RAM Size in Android Smartphones


The Android Operating System is the most popular Operating System which is being used in Mobiles and Tablets. Why? The answer is simple, due to Games, Apps and developer-friendly kernel. And if your Mobile or Tablet is running low on RAM then you can’t play most of the games or run the Apps such as Battery Saver Apps, Use of Smartphone as Joystick with App, Music player and the list goes on. The Android Operating System also gets popular with its multitasking ability which means you can run more than one task at a time on Mobile. But this multitasking feature of Android OS requires the useof RAM as the program running resides in the memory of RAM and if it is low then you will feel slow operation of processes. The app can increase the RAM of  your Smartphone creating a SWAP file on the SD card and this file is used as a Virtual RAM(More like a pen drive on Windows) to boost the performance of Android Smartphone. The App that can do this unthinkable task is ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER.
Now after going through the above, you must be thinking of using the app to increase the RAM on Android Smartphone. But before using the ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER, first check whether your device is compatible with the ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER or not. To the compatibility of your device with ROEHSOFT, use Memory Info & the Swapfile Check plugin which is free to download and use. The main purpose of the software is to check whether your device is compatible with RAMEXPANDER or not. You might think since your device is rooted it is definitely going to be compatible but the bad news is some manufacturers have blocked the SWAP feature kernel-side.
Feataures of ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER are as follows:
*.Free SD card memory as a RAM use (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)
*.Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB (file systemlimit)
*.No limit on SWAP partition
*.Detailed Memory Information & Analysis

*.Swappiness kernel parameter set
*.Easy foolproof use (1 click optimization and automatic calculation)
*.Supporting Tung all Android devices (root access and Kernelswap support)
Note: Please check Compatibility of your Device before using the RAMEXPANDER and read all the details carefully on ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER

ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER can be downloaded from the Play Store – here

but am sorry to break it to you guys but it aint free! But look on the bright side you could get it for free courtesy of Techlatch! Just drop a coment in the box below requesting for it! No SPAM PLEASE!!!